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Tell us the metrics that are most important to you and where you're at. For example, how many daily active users do you have? What is your MRR (monthly recurring revenue)? What is your LTV/CAC ratio? How much in sales have you generated in the last quarter? (No need to answer all of these--just choose what's applicable to you!)
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Kickstart generally only invests in companies in the Intermountain West of the US--in other words, Utah and surrounding states. If you're based somewhere else, we probably won't be able to talk more unless you come to us through a warm intro.
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(If you can, you might consider getting a warm email introduction instead of filling out this form. It goes a long way in our eyes if you can get a friend of Kickstart to vouch for you
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If you have any general feedback/questions for Kickstart, you can put them here. You're also welcome to tell us a joke, share your favorite quote, or send us a link to your favorite GIF. :) Also, if you're a student entrepreneur in Utah, check out Campus Founders Fund ( They're a student-run venture fund powered by Kickstart, and they're always looking for great student founders to invest in!
Thanks so much! We're excited to learn about your business and appreciate you filling this out. Someone at Kickstart will reach out if we're interested. If you don't get a reply from us, it means we aren't able to engage right now or that it's not a good fit at this time. No matter what, we wish you luck on your business and hope to meet you in person sometime!
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